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    If you are currently struggling with debt, facing legal action from your creditors, constantly have no money left after paying debts or are simply feeling like you are taking from one creditor to pay another we may be able to help.

    A Scottish Protected Trust Deed can be put in place for any Scottish Resident owing more than £5,000 of unsecured debts to stop creditors from contacting, taking legal action or forcing an individual to pay more than what they can afford to pay back.

    There are various benefits to this legislation such as writing off all debt that is not affordable, no letters or phone-calls from creditors, no legal action, can remove & prevent earnings arrestments, save peoples homes/cars & be debt free in just 48 months.

    Please note a Scottish Protected Trust Deed is not for everyone & please leave your details for an approved & regulated debt advice firm to give you advice before making any decisions.

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Trust Deed

Constantly feeling stressed due to constant phone calls, letters, texts & visits from debt collectors? Struggling to find a way to pay all your debt repayments each month? Never see your debt coming down? Feeling like you are going to lose your home & car?

A Scottish Protected Trust Deed is a legally binding arrangement and covers unsecured debts only, such as – credit cards, personal loans, car loans, overdrafts, rent arrears, mobile phone contracts, catalogues, council tax arrears, income tax arrears, over payments from HMRC & DWP. It does not therefore apply to your mortgage or any hire purchase agreements. A Scottish Protected Trust Deed must also be set up by a licensed insolvency practitioner, who becomes the trustee and deals with the creditors on your behalf. It is important to choose an insolvency practitioner that you can trust as you will have to give details of your assets and income, as well as your debts and creditors, to create a clear picture of your finances.

  • Andy K

    “From the first initial phone call to the end trust deed were amazing! They understood what I was going through and helped me every step of the way and made me feel like a could call them anytime with any queries.”

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