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Is it time to make that first positive step and get debt free?


One affordable monthly repayment

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Stop contact from creditors

You can answer the phone, open a letter or look at your texts without stress

Stop earnings or bank arrestments from your creditors

Have peace of mind knowing your employer won't hear from your creditors

What is Protected Trust Deed in Scotland?

A Protected Trust Deed can have various benefits, hence why it is the most popular debt solution in Scotland. Benefits include;

  • Free interest and charges from your creditors
  • Write off debt you cannot afford
  • Stop contact from your creditors
  • Stop legal action from your creditors
  • Stop or prevent earnings and bank arrestments
  • One affordable monthly payment
  • Payment breaks should your income change
  • Can include rent arrears, council tax arrears, HMRC & DWP debts
  • Be debt free in just four years
  • Keep your home & car

As part of our service, our trusted provider will take a look at your financial situation, explain the available options, and advise which debt solution could be suitable for you.

If you decide you want to set up a debt solution our trusted provider will do this for you. If you then want to use their services, we get a fee for introducing you and fees are payable if ongoing services are provided. Entering into a debt solution will have an impact on your credit rating for at least six years.

To find out more about managing your money and getting free debt advice visit, Money Advice Service, an independent service set up by the Government to help people manage their money.

We launched Scottish Trust Deed, to give residents of Scotland a proper way to sort their debts for good. It’s time to make that first positive step.


Our service is completely free with no set up charges, really easy to use and one of our carefully selected super friendly advisors will be in touch.


Check if you qualify with our free debt assessment form, simple questions about your situation, nothing intrusive but to help you get specific advice in return.


Speak in total confidence to the advisor you are referred too, they are not there to judge you but to help you and in moments they will make you aware of the help available.


Your advisor will handle things very quickly and take care of the tricky work, including contacting the people you owe money, they can also find out who you owe what to and amounts, etc … It’s time to relax and enjoy life without debt.

Protected Trust Deed Pros & Cons


  • Be debt free in as little as 4 years
  • Write off up to 81* of your unsecured debt
  • Freeze interest & charges
  • Stop contact from your creditors
  • Stop legal action
  • Stops arrestments on your earnings or bank accounts
  • Keep your home & car
  • You do not need to appear in court
  • Removed from credit file in 6 years
  • Can include Council Tax Arrears, HMRC, DWP debts & rent arrears
  • Your credit file will be affected for up to 6 years
  • You will only be able to get credit up to £500 whilst in the plan
  • You will not be able to remortgage whilst in the plan
  • The risk of bankruptcy if the Protected Trust Deed fails
What debts can be included in a Protected Trust Deed in Scotland?

Questions about the Scottish Protected Trust Deed (PTD)? Here are the answers.

What debts can a Protected Trust Deed (PTD) in Scotland include?

A Protected Trust Deed (PTD) in Scotland can include unsecured debts. Unsecured debts are but not limited to credit cards, store cards, loans, overdrafts, credit accounts, rent arrears, council tax arrears, HMRC debts, DWP debts, mortgage shortfalls, hire purchase shortfalls, fixed sum loan agreements, guarantor loans, payday loans and much more!

A Protected Trust Deed (PTD) in Scotland will not be able to include the following debts – Mortgages (unless leaving the property), student loans from SAAS, Hire Purchase (unless a shortfall), criminal fines or debts classed as fraudulent.

Will creditors still contact me?

NO, once you enter a Protected Trust Deed we will inform the Creditors of the situation and tell them to no longer contact you.

How long before my Protected Trust Deed (PTD) is in place?

A Protected Trust Deed (PTD) in Scotland takes five weeks to get protected after signing your proposal.

A Protected Trust Deed (PTD) in Scotland on average takes just under a week with our partners to verify your case and get you your proposal (legal paperwork), so it would take six weeks in total.

Do not panic if you feel you are getting pressure from your creditors, your advisor will explain a moratorium which will give you six weeks breathing space from your creditors, to give you time to get something in place.

How much do you charge?

We charge you nothing at all, we refer you on to a licensed credit counselling agency or insolvency practice that will cover any fees included in your plan. We will receive a referral fee from your solutions provider.

When your debt advisor covers your debt advice, should you choose a Protected Trust Deed (PTD), your advisor will work out an affordable payment for you to make each month, no further fees on top!

Can I do it online only?

A Protected Trust Deed (PTD) in Scotland isn’t a one size fits all product or solution. It is vital you seek proper debt advice when seeking for a solution to resolve your debts.

To get things done quicker and easier for you, debt advice is covered on the phone for around twenty to thirty minutes to take in your situation and give you specific advice back, followed by what to do next.

Your debt advisor will be more than happy to lease with you after via email or letter.

Can a Protected Trust Deed (PTD) in Scotland remove Earnings Arrestment Orders?

A Protected Trust Deed (PTD) in Scotland can remove Earnings Arrestment Orders after your PTD becomes protected (around five weeks after you sign).

Any earnings arrestments during your Protected Trust Deed (PTD) will be stopped unless debt accrued after Protected Trust Deed (PTD) becomes protected.

What debts cannot be included in my Protected Trust Deed?

  • Student loans
  • Court fines
  • Any debt that has been accrued through fraud
  • Secured Debts
  • Mortgages

What is the minimum amount of debt required to be considered for a Protected Trust Deed?

The minimum amount to be eligible for a Protected Trust Deed is £5,000, however, if you owe less than £5,000 there are alternatives available.

What are the Alternatives to a Protected Trust Deed?

IF you don’t qualify or wish to go ahead with a Protected Trust Deed, you could choose from the following alternatives:

  • Debt Arrangement Scheme (DAS) for your unsecured debts.
  • Sequestration, also referred to as a sequestration
  • Minimal Asset Process (MAP) in case of low income and assets

How long does a Protected Trust Deed last?

The duration of a (PTD) varies depending on your situation, however, a Protected Trust Deed usually averages up to 4 years.

What's the difference between a Trust Deed and a Protected Trust Deed?

A Protected Trust Deed will protect your assets such as your house, car (depending on the value of your car), etc… if your trust deed is not protected then your assets can be sold to help pay your monthly repayments.

Creditors cannot contact you regardless if your Trust Deed is protected or not.

How does a Protected Trust Deed affect my credit rating?

Short Answer: Bad.

However, most people who enter a Protected Trust Deed typically have a bad credit score as they have usually defaulted, missed payments on their credit cards and personal loans.


Will a Protected Trust Deed show on my Credit Report after the Trust Deed period is done?

A Protected Trust Deed will show on your credit report for six years, if you get discharged after 4 years of your Trust Deed it will still show on your credit report for another 2 years.


Can I get a mortgage after my Trust Deed?

It is possible to get a Mortgage after you are discharged from your Trust Deed, it might take some time but it 100% is possible.


How much of my debt will a Trust Deed write off?

A trust deed can write off up to 81% of your debts. You will only repay what you can afford whatever amount is left after your Trust Deed is written off!


What amount do I need to pay back each month?

The Protected Trust Deed payment each month will be an affordable payment towards your debt. Your income and expenditure are how we calculate what you can reasonably afford.


How can I check my eligibility?

To check if you qualify for the Protected Trust Deed you should hit the messenger icon on the bottom right of the screen to be put in touch with an advisor.


What if I don't qualify?

If you are unfortunate enough to not be eligible for a Protected Trust Deed then it’s not the end of the world. We have multiple debt solutions that you may be eligible for, contact us to find out more.


Can I take out credit when in a Trust Deed

During your Trust Deed period, you will not be able to take out any major credit.


What if my monthly payment is too high?

Your monthly repayment to your debts will be 100% affordable to you, we gather this fact from an income and expenditure report.


Can I pay my Trust Deed off early?

Yes! if you across enough money to repay the trust deed sum amount then you can pay it off early.

I am being hassled by creditors what should I do?

If you are being hassled by creditors and or sheriff officers then we strongly advise you to contact us immediately. We can stop them from taking any further action and make your life stress-free.

How much will I save in a Trust Deed?

The amount you write-off period with your Trust Deed fully depends on your situation i.e how much you owe and how much you are paying back each month.

How long will it take to make me Debt Free?

The duration of a Trust Deed is typically 48 months (4 years). However, you can pay off your trust deed at any time if you happen to have an increased income or a windfall. Your Trust Deed can be longer than 48 months or less depending on your monthly repayments.

Is a Protected Trust Deed secure?

YES. Once your Trust Deed becomes protected your assets will become secure. No creditors or Sheriff officers will be allowed to contact you during the Trust Deed Period.

What if I cant pay my monthly repayment?

As soon as you know you will struggle to pay your monthly repayment you should contact your solution provider ASAP for assistance.

Will my Employer know about my Trust Deed?

When you get signed into a Trust Deed the only people that will know are, Yourself, Us and your Solutions provider, who you wish to tell is completely up to you.

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