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Overdraft debt is an overdraft is an agreement put in place with yourself and the bank to borrow the money you don’t have in your account for a period of time. Although most banks charge very little for borrowing (ARRANGED OVERDRAFT) people get caught out for many reasons. Whether it’s a job loss, reduced hours, changer of circumstances, or even a loss of a partner/family member.


IF you know you will not be able to pay back your overdraft as soon as you planned to it is important to contact your bank. The bank will assist you in the right direction. You should always make your bank aware as soon as you know you will struggle to pay it back. You can also contact us at and we will go over all your options.



If your overdraft is becoming too much on top of other debts or needs then we would advise you not to borrow any more to pay that debt off. Loaning money to pay off another debt is the most common habit that leads to major debt in the UK. Your bank will be able to tell you if they can lower the daily/weekly overdraft charge.


Arranged Overdraft

You’ll be charged interest on this, and occasionally a small charge. An arranged overdraft is a healthy debt compared to an unarranged overdraft. The interest rate is much higher and more demanding from the banks if your overdraft is not arranged.

Unarranged Overdraft

The banks strive for this type of overdraft it’s a real money maker for them, however, they will do their best to help. When you take out more money than is in your account without already discussing this with your bank, an unarranged (unauthorised) overdraft is. You are likely to have high interest and charges put on this, which can quickly add up.

overdraft help

I have debts along with my overdraft

Here at, we offer multiple debt solutions. Our debt solutions are altered towards your needs and affordability. We will never put you in a solution if we know you can’t afford it. Our debt solutions have a required minimum debt level of £3,000 to enter. Although if you have less than that amount you can still contact us for free advice and we will direct you to the right place.

Who we are is the number one place to go to for your debt, however, some may say solutions Scotland come close. We do not judge you at all for any situation you are in. We provide you free debt advice which can write off up to 75% of your debts. FYI: To write off up to 75% of debts the required minimum debt level is £5,000 pounds. The majority of the clients we help become debt free always wish they came to us sooner.

Contact us

We are open Monday – Thursday from 09:00 – 20:00 and Fridays from 09:00 – 17:00. Click here to talk with us on Facebook and one of the agents will get your case started.



credit score debt how it works

What even is a Credit Score?

Credit Score Debt: A number that indicates how likely you are to qualify for the credit is your credit score, also referred to as your credit rating or ranking.

A number of considerations, including your total debt rating, how much of your debt is outstanding, whether you have any defaults and how much credit is still available to you, decide how well you score. In general, the UK standard score ranges from 300 to 850, but each agency has its own variant.

credit score debt

What affects my Credit Score?

  • Applying for credit – A credit application check (or a ‘hard’ search) will be carried out on your credit report each time you make an application for credit and a mark will be left on your file.It will not make much of a difference to your credit score to make an occasional application for credit, particularly not in the long term. However, it is likely to have a negative effect on your ranking if you make loads of apps in a short span of time. This is because, with cash, lenders would believe you’re reckless.You will verify your eligibility for a credit product using quotation searches (‘soft’ searches) before you apply if you wish to restrict the number of approval searches (‘hard’ searches) on your report. For your credit score, this is easier, since you can just see the quote searches (they are opaque to lenders) on your report.
  • Missing or avoiding paying your debt –This would be marked on your credit report if you miss a payment or pay late and it is likely to have a negative impact on your credit score.Your lender may place your account at ‘default’ if you miss several payments. Before you default, each lender will have different rules on how many payments you are allowed to skip. Some would allow you to miss up to six payments, but only two payments can be missed for some lenders before you are declared in default. In your credit report, missing and default payments will be marked and will remain there for six years (the maximum period for which your credit record is held).

    Those are the two biggest factors that impact your credit score. However, there are a few other factors.

How to deal with your debts

Here at, we can remove up to 75% from debts with our protected trust deed. The minimum debt level amount to qualify is £5,000. You must also have an income. Click here to contact us on Facebook

Our Sucess Stories

If you’re skeptical about enquiring with us then our Success Stories should put your mind at ease. These are the stories from people who have enquired about their debt situation who we have helped. Most of the Success Stories relate to the protected trust deed solution. Everyone who has signed up with us has said they wish they had done it sooner because they feel like their life has returned to normal. NO creditors or Sheriff Officers can contact you once you get protected by a trust deed. Which means… No phone calls several times a day, no letters chasing your debt. No-one knocking on your door demanding money.

Rent Arrears – Your rights – How we can help

Rent Arrears Problems

It may be distressing to get into rent arrears. But don’t disregard the situation. You might end up losing your home if you do not take action to pay back what you owe.

To find out what you can do to stop yourself getting evicted for rent arrears, read this blog fully.

If you are struggling with your Rent payments you should firstly contact your housing, Council or Landlord. Explain to them your situation and arrange a repayment plan or a payment arrangement date.

Rent Arrears – Talk To Your Landlord

It’s understandable that you would be afraid to tell your landlord or agent that the rent will be late.

But before you actually fail to pay up, it is far better to get the issue out in the open.

When you’re actually talking to your landlord:

Explain why the rent will be late and ask for some additional time.
To help ensure that it won’t happen again, be clear about what you’re doing to address the issue.

Identify the issue and map out a plan

It’ll be clear, in some situations, why you have a problem.

Maybe your earnings or expenses have unexpectedly changed for the worse.

For instance, because you lost your job or because your partner moved out and stopped contributing to the rent.

In other examples, it may simply be that you live beyond your means. You’ll need a strategy either way.

It could lead to eviction and a poor reference from your landlord if your rent is consistently late.

Scottish Trust Deed Free Debt Help

Scottish Trust Deed Free Debt Help

Where to get free help and advice

You are in the right place for free help and advice on all of your debts, including rent arrears. Solutions Scotland have hundreds an housands of enquiries about debt help every month.  With over 70 five star reviews on Google, you will see why when you enquire with them. They offer multiple solutions that will be suitable for you to become debt-free. The most popular solution is their Protected Trust Deed. also specialise in this solution (hence the name)

What is a Protected Trust Deed?

A Protected Trust Deed is only available to Scottish Residents who have a minimum amount of £5,000 worth of debt. The Trust Deed will see you become debt-free in just 48 months whilst only paying a small percentage of your debts back. With a Protected Trust Deed you will receive the following benefits: 

  • There are no setup fees! 
  • Freezes interest & charges!
  • Legally binding so creditors can’t back out!
  • Stops all contact from your creditors!
  • Stops wage arrestments or bank arrestments!
  • Writes off up to 75% of your debt!
  • Can include debts from your local council, rent arrears, DWP & HMRC!
  • Can be debt-free in four years!
  • Keep your home & car
  • Comes off your credit file latest six years from starting!

How do I apply for a Protected Trust Deed?

You will firstly have to contact us on Facebook by clicking here or visit our contact page here. Once you contact us we will give you a phone call and we will discuss your situation. We will then be able to tell you if you are eligible for the Protected Trust Deed. IF you are not eligible we offer multiple Debt solutions such as a Debt Arrangement Scheme.

Rent Arrears

Debt Free – Sort your debts before Christmas!

Debt Free – Can I really be free from my debts before Christmas?

Debt Free for Christmas? Yes please! can make all hassle from creditors and sheriff officers disappear before Christmas. Christmas is a time for family and celebrations. Don’t let the creditors and sheriff officers be the Grinch by letting them ruin your holidays. Our Protected Trust Deed is one of the ways you can stop all of the contact and hassle! You will not be completely free from your debts for Christmas, You will be free from the debt hassle provided by creditors/officers. By the time Christmas comes, you will be:

  • Uncontactable from ALL Sheriff Officers
  • Uncontactable from ALL Creditors 
  • Stress-Free from any debts you have
  • In an AFFORDABLE re-payment plan  
  • On the Journey to becoming Financially stable  

Can I really become Debt Free and Uncontactable from Creditors?

Yes, Once you have entered your payment plan (PTD) or (DAS) creditors cannot contact you. If the trust deed is protected, creditors CANNOT touch any assets. For it to be protected, the MAJORITY of your creditors need a binding agreement in place – one that everyone is happy with. If the deed is not ‘protected’, your creditors could still legally recover the money you owe them, anyway they can. They could take you to court.

Debt Free - xmas

Why it’s important to sort your debts BEFORE Christmas

Did you know Of those who admit borrowing money to cover Christmas at least once, 25% told us that they borrow from friends or family and 26% dip into their arranged overdraft. 10% of respondents say that they use a payday loan to pay for Christmas, and 10% take out a bank loan for the same purpose. Christmas is the most popular holiday people borrow money for. If you are already in debt and thinking of increasing the total debt amount, we would advise against it. Deal with your debts before Christmas and experience what it’s like not having to worry with creditors.


The survey was conducted via Google Consumer Surveys between 24th-25th Nov 2016 with 1000 UK respondents, all aged 18-44 years. (provided by drafty)


Firstly, to get started with a Protected Trust Deed you will need to have a debt level of £6,000+ that is the minimum amount required to be accepted for a protected trust deed. Secondly, you would have to reach out to us with your contact details. You can send us those details by using our website form click here to be directed.

  • Do you need a Scottish Protected Trust Deed?


    Are you a Scottish resident? Have over £5,000 of unsecured debt? Willing to pay a small percentage of your debts back to be debt-free in just 48 months?

    A Scottish Protected Trust Deed could be for you!

    • There are no setup fees! 
    • Freezes interest & charges!
    • Legally binding so creditors can’t back out!
    • Stops all contact from your creditors!
    • Stops wage arrestments or bank arrestments!
    • Writes off up to 75% of your debt!
    • Can include debts from your local council, rent arrears, DWP & HMRC!
    • Can be debt-free in four years!
    • Keep your home & car
    • Comes off your credit file latest six years from starting!

    Debt Free 2019 Scottish Trust Deed

    Debt Free 2020 Scottish Trust Deed

Wage Arrestment affecting you? We can help!

Wage Arrestment information

A Wage Arrestment is also known as an Earnings arrestment means that a percentage of the debtor’s earnings will be taken by their employer to settle the outstanding debt balance. Before an Earnings arrestment can happen a County Court Judgement will have been granted by the courts. An attachment of earnings can only occur if a debtor has missed one or more payments on a County Court Judgement. If the debtor has fallen behind with a payment then the court can use an attachment of earnings to recover the debt for the creditor.

Is a Wage Arrestment common?

Yes. Wage Arrestments are very common in the United Kingdom. It’s possible to have more than one Arrestment. Depending on how much you owe and who you owe. This will play in a part and may result in a Conjoined earnings arrestment.

This can happen when you owe more multiple people money, and several have arrested your wages at the same time. It does not mean you pay more. Your employers pay the money over to the sheriff clerk in your local sheriff court, who splits it up and distributes it to the creditors.

Wage Arrestment

How can we stop Wage Arrestments?

If you have debts totalling together to £5,000 you may qualify for a Scottish Protected Trust Deed which can have the following benefits;

  • Pay what you can afford each month for four years and be debt-free!
  • Stop all legal action from your creditors
  • Stop all action from Sheriff Officers, including arresting your earnings!
  • Freeze all interest & charges
  • No setup or monthly management fees!
  • Stop all contact from your creditors
  • Write off all debt that is not affordable
  • Keep your home & car!
  • Keep your contract phone & a normal bank account!

(Please note this may affect your credit file)

We have multiple debt solution plans, Our most popular being the Trust Deed. A Protected Trust Deed is an affordable payment plan. One of our agents can tell you how much you are required to pay per month. This amount is calculated from your income and expenses/assets. During the Trust Deed period, no creditors or sheriff officers can contact you. Depending on your circumstances you are typically debt-free in four years. As stated above the Trust Deed comes with multiple benefits. The main con is that it may affect your credit file.

Check your eligibility

The minimum amount of debt for a Trust Deed is £5,000. You can apply for a Protected Trust Deed by clicking here. If you wish to contact us on our social media platforms you can press here to be directed to our Facebook. Visit the Contact us page on our website and fill in the information required and we will be in contact with you. We will respond during our office hours are Monday – Thursday. 09:00 – 20:00. Fridays 09:00 – 17:00.

Scottish Trust Deed Free Debt Help

Scottish Trust Deed Free Debt Help offer free debt advice and financial help. You will not be charged for using our services, However, we may receive a fee for the services provided.

Council Tax In Arrears – What Happens Now?

If you can’t pay your council tax

Missing payments puts you into Council Tax Arrears. Your council may allow smaller payments to settle the amount. It’s important that you contact your council immediately to explain your situation regarding your council tax payments.

It’s highly likely that your council will take you to court if you ignore the arrears, you may also have to pay court fees. Court Fees can add hundreds to your bill.

You’ll get a reminder from the council around 14 days after your missed payment.

Your debts are cleared if you pay within the 7 days after the reminder, and you can continue paying your usual instalments.

If you have other debts alongside your council tax you would still need to pay the council tax first. Tax arrears are classed as a  ‘Priority Debt’. Depending on your debt amount you could be eligible for a Trust Deed. 

Scottish Trust Deed Free Debt Help Scotland council tax

Scottish Trust Deed Free Debt Help Scotland

What if I don’t pay my council tax within the 7 days of the reminder?

Councils can send up to two reminders. If its within 7 days of the final reminder and you haven’t paid, you’ll lose the ability to pay your bill in instalments. Your local council will send you a letter telling you to pay all your Council Taxes for the year within 7 days. If you are unable to pay all your council tax, it’s important you contact the sheriff officers. Sherrif officers can help arrange a payment plan.

council tax stress

 Will this affect my wages?

Short Answer Yes. Wages are affected it’s possible that one’s wages can be arrested. A Wage/Earnings Arrestment require your employer to deduct money from your salary to pay back your debts. If you are struggling with an existing earnings arrestment Contact us today for free, confidential advice. Our expert advisers will help you decide upon the best course of action for you and will let you know how the earnings arrestment could be lifted.

council tax wage arrestment

What is a Wage Arrestment?

As touched on previously, wage arrestments will instruct the debtor’s employer to deduct money from their pay to settle your debts. The council asks your employer to take regular deductions from your wages to repay the debt you owe. Your employer has a limited time to put the arrestment into practice. The deductions come from your ‘net income’. This means the income you have left after paying your tax and National Insurance. An earnings arrestment cannot be used to take money from self-employment if you are a sole trader.

Can I stop the Wage Arrestment?

You can stop the wage arrestment if you correspond with the council’s reminder about your arrears. It’s important to keep track of your owed payments. can help you with your financial difficulties. offer multiple debt solutions and free debt advice. They’re contactable here.

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