Have you received correspondence from a company going by the name of Lowell Portfolio or Lowell Financial?

Don’t know who they are or why they are chasing you for money owed to them?

If in the past you have had debts that you have not paid then you may have had contact from the Lowell Group Debt Collection.

Lowell trade under various names where their business model is to buy unpaid debts from other companies such as Credit Cards, Store Cards, Mobile Phone bills, Short Term loans, Bank Account fees, Overdrafts, Personal Loans, Catalogues etc…

They will then attempt to collect the debt via email, text messages, letters, phone calls & court action. They are probably the most common buyer of debts in the UK at the moment.

Lowell Portfolio & Lowell Financial’s contact details;

Telephone Number – 03335565550

Email – support@lowellgroup.co.uk

Address – PO BOX 1411, Northampton, NN2 1BQ

Website – https://www.lowell.co.uk/contact-us