Many Nurses & Care Workers Struggle to Make Ends Meet – Free Debt Help


Here at Scottish Trust Deed we speak to many people every single week who are struggling to make ends meet with just basic day to day living which can lead to financial difficulty having to use credit to get through day to day life.

This is very common with NHS staff, this can lead to a very high level of stress meaning this can not only effect day to day finances but also starts to effect the individual mentally.

How can we help here at Scottish Trust Deed?

We help the people of Scotland use government legislation that can offer various benefits when aiming to get debt free, however here at Scottish Trust Deed we make things as stress free & as straight forward as things can get;


  • We offer free face to face appointments – you can ask the questions that need asking and let someone else do all the work!!!
  • We can pull up all the debts from your past – no need to phone everyone for balances etc…
  • We can stop the nasty calls, texts, letters and visits from your creditors!
  • We can lift and prevent wage arrestment orders being put in place!!



If this is something that is effecting you or someone you know that are struggling due to lengthy high repayments for goods get in touch!

Do you have over £5000 of unsecured debts? Why not look into a Scottish Protected Trust Deed and write off up to 75% of your debt using government legislation.