With the new Council Tax year looming many people in Scotland still have vast arrears from previous years.


Large volumes of Scottish residents call up daily for help with council tax arrears, receiving arrestments on their earnings & stressful home visits from Sheriff Officers.

Here at Scottish Trust Deed we receive large volumes of people living in Scotland who have received letters, phone calls & visits to their home from Sheriff Officers. This is often caused by a local council in Scotland referring a council tax arrears account or several accounts covering previous years to Sheriff Officers who will exhaust their rights to retrieve the funds back for that local council.

So what can that mean?

If the Sheriff Officers believe they cannot come to an agreement with the individual(s) they can then look to do the following to retrieve the funds;

  • Impose a wage arrestment order (attachment of earnings) to retrieve the funds from the individuals income (they can take up 50% of your income in a month).
  • Arrange an arrestment of your bank account
  • Take the matter to court which could lead you to become Bankrupt

If you or someone you know are struggling with Council Tax Arrears or other debts, get in touch and we can check your eligibility for a Scottish Protected Trust Deed which is a piece of government legislation that can write off up to 75% of your debts off. This can also stop Sheriff Officers taking action!!!

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