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Are you currently being chased for a debt owed by – Stirling Park | Scott & Co | Walker Love | Alex M Adamson ?

A Scottish Protected Trust Deed may be a solution!

If you have had the charming Sheriff Officers at your door recently chasing you for a debt owed or council tax arrears & don’t know what to do next a Scottish Protected Trust Deed may be a solution.

A Scottish Protected Trust Deed can offer various benefits when dealing with Sheriff Officers;

  • Can remove or prevent an Direct Earnings Order (wage arrestment)
  • Can stop/prevent legal action (such as stop court action or prevent you from being evicted if rent arrears)
  • Can stop all contact from your creditors (no phone call, texts, letters or nasty visits to your home)
  • Can prevent them arresting your bank account
  • Can prevent them making you bankrupt
  • Please note this may effect your credit file

So if you find yourself owing money & have Sheriff Officers chasing you for anything from council tax arrears to unpaid bills, do not struggle on, forget the stress & allow us to see if we can help!

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